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Rainmaking.us has assembled an expert team of Rainmakers with a proven history of success on behalf of their clients as well as their own businesses. These Rainmakers have accumulated over 350 years of successful business experience, a store of knowledge and a network of resources that can be immediately activated upon your request to cure your M³ Syndrome.

Every business encounters challenges to its systems and processes during its lifecycle. Generally these challenges will fall into three areas common to all business: money, management and marketing. Rainmaking.us has labeled this phenomenon the M³ Syndrome. The M³ Syndrome is the overwhelming source of business failure in our economy.

The first symptom of the M³ Syndrome manifests in issues surrounding money. Many start-up and development stage businesses are woefully undercapitalized. In fact, undercapitalization is the number one cause of failure for new businesses. Or, even if initially adequately capitalized, a company might not be able to withstand the stress of success. Success results in growth that requires additional capital, and not necessarily in an orderly planned manner.

Members of the Rainmaker team have dealt with these financial issues in their own businesses and on behalf of clients. Several members of the Rainmaker team have Finance MBA degrees. One has built a successful finance company and  a mortgage company with a book of business of more than $260 million. Another Rainmaker consulted to a bank holding company in the acquisition of a failed institution, assisting in the liquidation of millions of dollars of commercial properties, and 6,000 residential properties in the state of Texas. Two Rainmaker team members successfully repositioned a troubled master planned golf retirement community, doubling sales year to year.

The second symptom of the M³ Syndrome manifests as issues surrounding management. This is a tricky one. Entrepreneurs often don’t know when to terminate themselves, let go and recruit professionals who have “been there and done that.” Managers who are perfectly capable running a 10-person company sometimes find it difficult to adjust to major growth in the business. Managers don’t often know what they don’t know. This can present serious problems with the employees and other company executives taking the company down the path of ultimate failure.  

Our Rainmaker team members have managed companies, taken over troubled companies and recruited management teams as needed. Several Rainmaker team members have taken companies public, worked with investment bankers on bond issues, participated in the creation of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), arranged debt financing from banks or alternative financing sources and managed workouts for troubled deals. Rainmaker team members have consulted with a wide variety of for-profit companies, government entities, charities and advocacy organizations on various management issues. Our Rainmaker team has an extensive network of proven professionals (e.g., business lawyers, securities lawyers, litigators, accountants, auditing firms) to whom the client company can be introduced as needed.

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  • First, here is the fine print. No Rainmaker works for free. A Rainmaker will require a modest retainer. A Rainmaker prefers to receive the majority of compensation in the form of success fees. No Rainmaker is interested in working on a project that doesn't have a serious financial upside. Rainmaker team members don’t work on projects that have the potential for at least six figure compensation potential with a retainer equal to 10% of the total potential. No Rainmaker will advance out of pocket expenses. In addition to the retainer clients will be expected to make an expense deposit to cover out-of-pocket expenses a Rainmaker might advance.
  • Second, there is no charge for our initial evaluation of your company’s M³ Syndrome symptoms. 
  • Third, if your company suffers from the M³ Syndrome, click here and complete our form.
  • Fourth, We will send you a brief questionnaire for you to complete that will help educate the Rainmaker team of your M³ Syndrome. 
  • Fifth, if you choose to proceed, an engagement agreement will be prepared.

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The third symptom of the M³ Syndrome manifests as issues surrounding marketing. The best product or service can fail without an adequate marketing program. Bad marketing can sink a company, lose an election or alienate a stakeholder constituency or customer base. Marketing can be confusing. Many confuse it with sales. Marketing is not selling -- it is not convincing someone to buy. Rather, marketing is the art of providing prospects with information those prospects understand on their own terms to convince themselves to buy.

Our Rainmaker team has successfully marketed everything imaginable. Products, services, media, candidates, ballot propositions, charities and advocacy groups have received marketing support from Rainmaker team members. Collectively, Rainmaker team members have extensive successful experience in all marketing communications disciplines, including research, strategic planning, positioning, branding, stakeholder analysis, competitive analysis, direct marketing, social media, digital marketing, traditional advertising, public relations, public affairs, political consulting and much more. Rainmaker team members have:

  • Introduced new products and services.  
  • Revitalized existing consumer products, automotive products, consumer electronic products, real estate products and entertainment acts; and,
  • Won elections involving Initiatives, Referenda, Bonds, Senators, Members of the House of Representatives, Governors, Mayors and Legislators.