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RainMaker Data Solutions is a leading-edge database of the top five million affluent households representing 14,500,000 individuals in the United States. Our data is unique. We focus not only on high-profile corporate America, but also include emerging sources of wealth.

Rainmaker Data Solutions is a resource created specifically for financial institutions, nonprofits and political campaigns. Click the associated button below to download category specific white papers.

Along with this database, we've also created a simple, user-friendly program, with point-and-click technology that enables users to access detailed information on these affluent individuals.

Our database provides detailed profile information, including valuable links for more information, on prospective or current customers that match our database. Information, such as demographic information, lists of specific political donations, and sec insider transactions.

In addition, our solution will analyze the matches in the aggregate, graphing levels of assets and potential sales opportunities. The information you receive is automatically updated, keeping you current on the latest news about your top prospects. This information is available from any location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you can access it from different computers at the same time. Plus you can link to it from any lead management system.

RainMaker Data Solutions:

  • Identifies new high, net-worth customers
  • Identifies high net-worth customers within your database that you may not know exist
  • Identifies their social status and family interests
  • Applies analytics to sell additional services to existing customers
  • Expand your client database
  • Builds a one-to-one relationship with your customers
  • Finds relationships between your customers and other high net-worth individuals

For organizations with corporate headquarters and regional offices, RainMakers Data Solutions can screen and profile an unlimited number of prospects and customers. Many companies offer the program and share it with their internal and regional offices.

For stand-alone financial organizations, including financial advisers, agents, brokers and field banking officers, RainMaker Data is available on an individual subscriber basis. The same information and access are provided, but the program is designed to screen and profile smaller numbers and geographic area.

Both are available for a low, fixed annual fee, which, in most cases, is a small percentage of the cost of using a research company.

RainMaker welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate our RainMaker Solutions database by offering to you a free profile screening of your current clients (10,000 records maximum). Click here to complete our form. After you see the results of your clients' profiles, you'll be amazed. 

Rainmaker Data Solutions

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