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Rainmaking.us is owned by Radiant Marketing Communications, Inc. Radiant is a Virginia base company headquartered in Fairfax, Virginia. Rainmaker has three divisions.

The first division is Rainmaking Data. RainMaker Data is a leading-edge database of the top seven million affluent people in the nation. Our data is unique. We focus not only on high-profile corporate America, but also include emerging sources of wealth.

Along with this database, we've also created a simple, user-friendly program, with point-and-click technology that enables users to access detailed information on these affluent individuals.

Rainmaker Digital, Radiant’s second division, enables your business to stimulate customer traffic to your website or business location by specifically targeting qualified prospects with zero wasted advertising dollars.

Finally, Rainmaker Business, Radiant’s third division, has assembled an expert team of Rainmakers with a proven history of success on behalf of their clients as well as their own businesses. These Rainmakers have accumulated well over 350 years of successful business experience, a store of knowledge and a network of resources that can be immediately activated upon your request to cure your M³ Syndrome problem.

Rainmaker is a business consultancy with an emphasis on M³ solutions for businesses with money, management or marketing problems: the M³ Syndrome. Rainmaking.us has recruited a group of experienced professionals, (“Rainmakers”), with a history of success who will guide your business to positive results.

Each Rainmaker has “been there and done that.” Every Rainmaker knows how to succeed and to help clients succeed. Although no Rainmaker works for free, the majority of compensation will come in the form of success fees. Each Rainmaker feels it is important that the financial interests of the client and the Rainmaker are aligned.

The Rainmaker team finds solutions for you because our Rainmakers have personally overcome M³ Syndrome problems for their businesses and for their clients.

Each Rainmaker is invited to join after rigorous peer-to-peer review, confirming his or her experience, ability and history of success.

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Time To Make It Rain

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